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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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america." have a great monday. >> stay good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom where we are tracking a volatile story in san francisco. a deadly police shooting in the at this time of bayview district and some residents will make an emotional plea. >> also this morning, the mother acquitted of murdering her baby casey anthony's release from prison. and a california connection. >> and check this out. what don't you see? the marine layer is gone and the clouds are, too. that means a lot of sunshine and warmer weather today and i'll tell you how long it lasts. >> i'm sue hall watching your monday morning which commute and so far so good on the roadways.
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>> and members of the naacp will picket airlines over the arrest of a man that was wearing baggy pants. i'm kristen sze. emotions are running high in san francisco over police fatally shooting a man during a case. it happened in the city's bayview district over the weekend. today protestors will call for a change. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom with the latest. police say the 19-year-old they shot was armed, but he fired at police first and he was a person of interest in the shooting in seattle that left a woman dead and three others injured. but people in the community are very upset over the shooting and they want the f.b.i. to get involved. at the time of the shooting police did not recover a gun but a major developments surfaced on youtube. look closely. you can see see a handgun lying
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near the suspect's body and then someone grabbed a gun. because of the video police say they were able to recover a gun they say was used. they won't release details how it was found but it was a parole's home. he is frustrated that speaking out without knowing the fact. he does not want to be identified for fear of his safety. >> this is people that actually innocent and not at fault. >> luckily someone else in the crowd took video of police picking up the firearm and officers have been able to track the firearm and we believe it's in custody. >> police were trying to stop kenneth harding for not paying his muni fare. the man who posted the youtube
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video hopes this to address the issue whether he was armed. they scheduled a press conference today where they will ask the f.b.i. to get involved and for the civilian board to look over the case. >> it's been a violent night in richmond where they are investigating two separate shootings that left two people dead. police arrived at bissel avenue near 4th street and then found a man and woman dead at the scene. another person was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. they are investigating the double homicide in a shooting half an hour earlier where a 23-year-old man was shot. she expected to be okay. no arrests have been made in either shooting and police have not released any suspect information. oakland police have identified a person of interest. officers found a body of monica
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rodas. police haven't reached information they believe is connected to the case. this weekend's friends have a carwash to raise money for a funeral costs and trust for her son. >> we are here to raise funds for her funeral and she left behind a two-year-old son but this is an outrage and we have to do something about it. >> crime stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of her killer. it's 4:34, graes casey anthony's where bouts is closely guarded secret. she was acquitted on killing her two-year-old daughter. her attorney says he is very concerned about her safety. after 1 or 54 days in jail she was released -- 1054. so many out the jail believe it
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was unspeakable crime. they believe she murdered caylee. >> we're talking about a child here. >> she was expressionless and climbed into a waiting suv and took off. >> i thought she would show more emotion going out. but they were very ready to go out. >> but unclear is where she was going. for three years her face was on crime shows and many were anguished about her acquittal. defense team says that their client could be in danger. she refused her mother allow her to visit her in jail. >> had jo jose dropped her out the house yesterday but was out
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of the door. >> she reportedly made made her way to a plane registered to one of the attorneys, destination under known. >> when she walked out of the jail she did so with $500 in pocket but that may change very soon. media experts say she stands to make as much as million dollars if she decides to sell her story. that same plane landed right here in the bay area. the plane took off from florida and landed in san carlos at 5:00 last evening. it made several stops in john wayne airport shortly before flying to the bay area. abc7 spoke to the pilot and said there was only five men on board when it land in san carlos. >> n a. acp plans to picket sfo over the deshon marman case. the student that was kicked on
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off a flight in a disputed over his sagging pants. he was arrested for captain's order to leave the plane but a d.a. decided not file charges. they want a meeting with u.s. airways to get a much clearer dress code policy. the airline has said the biggest problem with the incident is marman's refusal to follow orders. layoff notices will be mailed out to about 200 san francisco employees because of state budget cuts. the presiding judge will hold a news conference at 10:30 this morning to outline the cuts that our media partner mercury news is reporting that they are dealing with $350 million in cuts. that much will be cut next year. that is expected to mean longer delays and possible rolling closures at the 58 trial courts. >> house republican leaders are
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scheduling a vote to let the nation to borrow $2.4 trillion but it also adopted spending cuts and require an amendment for balanced budget. there was no progress yesterday but it's unlikely the senate it will get senate approval. >> it has to be balanced between revenue and spending. how much can we get done? we should get as much done as we can to give assurance to the market and to the american people that we have our fiscal house in order. >> the latest poll shows two-thirds of americans say there needs to be cuts and tax increases. eric cantor has refused to consider any taxes. >> 4:38. we've had a deficit in terms of
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summer heat and sunshine. good morning. >> warmer weather but it will never really get hot. it won't get out of control. i'll show you that in five to ten minutes. an area of low pressure and bring storms up to the northern part of the state and could wrap around a few high clouds in the forecast but right now everything is pretty quiet outside. in fact check out the winds, fastest only 12 miles an hour at fairfield and a lot of calm conditions, livermore, mountain view, and fremont. that is why we don't have a lot of clouds this morning, no breeze to bring it in. temperatures are still fairly mild. 48 in half moon bay. 50 in antioch. by the afternoon hours, temperatures jump up but still was short of average from low 80s in the south but a, low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. mid-80s in the north bay. lot mid to upper 50s around
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richmond and oakland. 52 in half moon bay. around the monterey bay, 67 in monterey. then we have a lot of low 70s for santa cruz and watsonville. take a look at that the accu-weather seven-day forecast, slow baby steps up to 90 inland. 80 around the bay and 66 at the coast. it will hover a few degrees and there for friday, saturday and sunday. good morning, sue. >> we've got a couple of accidents to tell you about this monday morning. so far it's not affecting your drive too much. the first one, southbound 880 at dixon landing road a car apparently has driven into a ditch. morgan hill northbound 101, right shoulder may be blocking lanes, and getting reports from ace that train number one it's running about 5 minutes late so far. let's take a look at bay bridge toll plaza, so far so good.
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just a couple cars backed up at the tolls. >> time is just about 4:41. >> the phone hacking scandal in britain comes closer than ever to rupert murdoch. the resignation that is front page news this morning. and study on drivers have researchers doing a double take over the results. grandma and grandpa versus mom and dad when kids are in the back seat.
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welcome back. it's now 4:43. monday morning and now time to get back to work. it looks like a nice day. as far as traffic goes, update on embarcadero and talk to sue hall about that. more news. bbc says rebecca brooks will
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testify tomorrow in front of a committee examining the phone hacking scandal. lawmakers are expected to grill rupert murdoch. it has led to another resignation and arrest. london's police chief quit yesterday what was linked to the news of the world editor that was arrested in the scandal. brooks was arrested and realized on bail after 12 hours in police custody. >> there is no way where reporter can come in page 1 story, how did you get that story? >> brooks is to be arrested into murdoch's papers. they are accused of hacking cellphones of 4,000 people in search of scoops. >> they are riding in a
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grandparents car this than when they are riding with their parents they are safest. they are 50% less likely to be injured if the grand parents are driving. the study looked at insurance claims in crashes in 13 states. researchers believe older drivers may drive more cautiously when parents do when the grandchildren are board. >> coming up the bridge closure that could produce a bay area version of carmegeddon. an investment that could get you great deal on bay area home. >> heat is gripping the nation. i'll have details coming up. >> i'm very excited. we are embarking on something that hasn't been done before. >> a bay area science team celebrates a journey through space. next how their adventure is making history.
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welcome back. sneak peek at the heat. up in seattle and then 80 in portland and just about everybody else in the 90s. with a lot of humidity running through those parts but if you are heading that way it will be taxiing and you can see the high pressure from the dakotas and new england. we'll have delays on flights at flight tracker at >> home buyers have a good to buy sunnyvale. buyers who are eligible can put down just $50 and get into a lottery. the winners will be able purchase one of five single family homes ranging from $433,000 to $436,000.
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applications will be accepted at sunnyvale city hall. >> pg&e is telling residents they may smell natural gas from pipelines today. pressure tests are scheduled on gas pipelines in san leandro and fremont. pg&e called effected residents to tell them gas service won't be disrupted and the gas will safely dissipate into the air. system wide pressure tests were ordered by state regulators after last september's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. >> the nation is suffering a brutal dome of heated. people in 17 days are suffering from a relentless heat wave. here is a report. >> it's so hot in omaha, employees at the school put ice in the water to try to cool things down. this mid summer heat wave is gripping the middle of the
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nation. advisories are warnings and have been posted in 17 states from texas and north to minnesota. in five states, temperatures topped the century mark. high pressure system is expected who ver across the midwest for five more sweltering days before heading east. 40 states will see temperatures 90 degrees or more. >> it looks like we'll deal with this high pressure system for many days to come as it don't intensity. >> for beachgoers it means fun in the sun for beachgoers. >> to come out early before it gets packed. >> for some people especially the elderly it can be extremely dangerous. >> they will complain of dizziness, weakness, being light-headed and may even start to exhibit some signs of confusion. >> experts say to drink plenty of water. stay out of the sun and avoid strenuous outdoor activity.
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>> i don't think i'm going to make it this far. >> not everybody is heeding the warning. despite the blazing sun, these hard-core athletes in racine participated in a ironman triathalon. >> it's hot. the flip side of the story is what we have here, yesterday, it was nice and cool. >> still cooler knowledge average even after a warming trend. we'll get back to average but we won't see heat like that. good morning everybody. 4:51 and about 37 seconds. take a look outside and how the lack of clouds, marine layer is not as nearly as thick and the wind is not as nearly as prevalent in our forecast and that will mean warmer weather. as you step out right now, we still have 48 in half moon bay
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to 60 in antioch. everybody else in the 50s. let's check in down south monterey bay and inland, 51 to 53 degrees. highlights for this forecast cruel mostly summer and warmer today. but the warmer temperatures are going to come in as we head deeper in the week but no heat wave mentioned. all that heat is going to stay well to the east of us. lack of clouds from even through 5:00. we'll see a few try to move into the coast and possibly try to get through the golden gate, but by noon, only clouds are hanging around the coast at is we head into the afternoon hours, some of those will retreat off into the ocean because. 50s for you, 70s around the bay and start to see more 80s as we head inland. south bay, upper 70s for sunnyvale and milpitas. throw mid 80s and 72 in millbrae
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and mid to upper 70s. out on the coast with sunshine. low to mid-60s for you with mid to upper 60s in downtown san francisco. as you head over the bridge to sausalito, about 64. then mid to upper 70s in the north bay valleys. clearlake and cloverdale could touch 80, 60 at your beaches. mid to upper 60s around richmond and berkeley and oakland. everybody else in the low to mid-70s. as you head into the east bay valleys, low to mid-80s, but comfortable. same type of weather gilroy and hollister, 67 in monterey with low 70s santa cruz and sincerely. farther north you go scattered showers and plenty of sunshine in tahoe at 76 and palm principles springs 109. dodgers are in town taking on our giants. it will be calm for at&t park.
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62 dropping down to about 58 degrees. you'll see an increase in clouds as the game goes on. as far as our temperatures tonight. see most of us in the 50s. maybe 61 in antioch and 48 in cloverdale. seven-day forecast, about two degrees warmer and another 4 on wednesday and couple more on thursday. hang out mid-60s at the coast, 70s inland. >> couple issues to work on this morning, you need to be aware, let's go to dixon landing road. earlier driving car drove off the road. northbound 101 and bailey. this is leaving morgan hill. chp is telling us it's out of lanes, jackknifed big rig. ace train about five minutes late. that is italian number 1. san mateo bridge, no issues, if you are traveling east and westbound from foster city to hayward.
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when you get up and at them this morning, go to for the latest. caltrans will have to do major surgery on the san mateo bridge to repair a cracked feel beam that was put in place during a 1999 retrofit project. the proj bridge will have to be closed for two weekends next year to do the job. the steel beam has developed a ten-inch crack and crews have made a temporary fix to the crack. but a permanent repair will cost an estimated $12 million. engineers are trying to determine the exact date of the closure and we will keep you posted. >> crew of the space shuttle atlantis will pack up today in preparation for the departure of the international space station. a giant canister will be moved into the shuttle's cargo bay. it's filled with nearly 6,000 pounds of old space equipment and trash. canister hauled a year's worth
4:56 am
of supplies to the station. it will undock tomorrow and scheduled to land in florida on thursday ending the 30-year-old space shuttle program. >> scientists from u.c. berkeley are making history. a satellite they constructed is orbiting the moon. it joints the second satellite built by cal scientists. this is the first time the parent satellite will conduct observationation vacations on the lunar surfaces around surrounding environment. >> we are embarking on something that hasn't been done before. it's enormous privilege to send a spacecraft to the moon. >> the probes will travel in the same orbit but in opposite directions and enable them to take 3-d images of the moon. they will be looking for signs
4:57 am
of water and ice. >> san francisco police are defending the fatal shooting of a man near a crowded muni platform. the video that investigators say is proof that officers' lives were in danger. >> i'm nick smith live in richmond where police are looking into two overnight shootings and investigated and wondering about their possible connection. and struggling to balance the budget and keep buses run on time. the former head of muni may not have to look far for a new job.
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